Former Lion, Business Magnate

Truly, gold never rusts? It glitters forever. Meet Essa Pius Tabi, former Indomi - table Lion who left indelible prints on the pitch. He did not only distinguish himself as a junior Lion from 1989 to 1990, he glimmered at the Olympic Games of 1991 when his team bagged home a gold medal from Cairo Egypt during the Fifth All African Games. An event still remembered and recounted with ecstasy across Cameroon today! Essa’s performance won the heart of the Indomitable Lions’ hierarchy. He was immediately called to play for the national squad, an invitation which Essa describes as the pinnacle of his football career.

The youngster, as he then was, was cheered and venerated as the most prolific and unbeatable defender of his days. Certainly, Essa’s palm kernels were not cracked by benevolent spirits. He worked hard to attain desired height. Before scaling to the national team, Essa had begun as a football toddler with AJAX Kumba as far back in 1986, then to CAMARK Kumba where he played for two years before joining Victoria United aka Opopo and later Provoyance Football Club of Yaounde. He says the local clubs made the foundation of his dream. To Essa, however, a little learning is a dangerous venture. In 1994, he flew to the United States for further studies. There he remained at the top, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham and a Master degree in Business Administration with specialization in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, Columbus Campus, Ohio, in September, 2009.

Born on November 22, 1972 in Kumba, Essa’s fame goes beyond pitches and university precincts. He is a lovely family head, a prosperous father of four-three girls and a son. He says his pride remains his family, especially his darling wife Solange Essa who builds hope in moments of despair. “Solange is the cornerstone of my existence”, the footballer affirmed. Essa is modest, ambitious and pushy. He is the founder of ESSA Pius International Career and Development Centre Asso - ciation, Chief Executive Officer of Interna - tional Community Reference Health Care Complex, President and owner of Continental Football Academy, Buea. Two events however remain ineffaceable in Essa’s memory.

He will never forget the gold medal he won for Cameroon at the All Africa Games of 1991, and he will also hardly do away with the pains of not participating at the 1994 world cup. Have you met a philanthropist before? Essa is one! As former footballer, he has a soft touch for his colleagues. To them, he grants 50% discount for all services rendered them in his medical outfit, the International Community Referral Hos - pital, Molyko, Buea. He also allocates 30% reduction to ANAFOOT and 15% to other football stakeholders, including referees, coaches and club presidents. It is part of his contribution “in giving back to his nation”, with unquenchable passion.

Essa comes from Manyu Division. So, he loves ‘water fufu and eru’. His wife, Solange, hails from Nkambe (Ndonga Mantung Division). His next dish is ‘corn fufu and khati khati’.

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