Lil Love Moving closer to fans

"Come Closer” is a love song that is imposing itself on the music playlist of some radio stations and night clubs in Yaounde. The message and rhythms of the Single have moved many music fans to want to know the author. It is no surprise therefore that Lil Love (artist name), budding Afro-pop and R&B singer, has been sharing the same podium with Mr Leo, Tenor and Magasco during major entertainment shows in the political capital.

Through “Come Closer”, a Single which exists in audio and video versions, Lil Love tells his lover to reconsider her decision because her absence provokes headache and eye pain. He conveys the romantic message (of 3 minutes 36 seconds) in English and French languages. Samfass Emmanuel (real name) is not at his first music outing. The 23-year-old indigene of Banyo in the Adamawa Region is equally the author of “Goodbye” and “Fine Girl”, recorded at Sea Sound studio in Obili.

In the days ahead, Lil Love will release “Il y a quoi à Mbeng” (translation “What’s there abroad?”), a track in which he calls on Africans, Cameroonians inclusive, to stay in their countries and develop their fatherlands. After sponsoring himself successfully at the Siantou University Complex (bagging a Higher National Diploma in Journalism) with revenue from odd and white collar jobs, the singer admits not having easy auto-financing his music project. He is desperately in search of a producer. “Nothing good comes easy in life, but I remain positive in whatever I do,” said the sixth child of a family of seven.

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