Peer Pressure Spoils...Character!

The environment in which children grow up coupled with inadequate parenting leave so many of them loose and thus vulnerable to ills like drugs.

The circumstances under which children grow up nowadays are completely different from what obtained some years back. The digital age has opened them to the rest of the world, sometimes even more than their parents. And one of the prominent places where they can exercise what they learn or sharpen their skills, negatively or otherwise, is where they spend most of their time – school.  The school environment therefore largely contributes to how well they live today and may make or mar their future depending on what they engage in.
Regrettably, what is perceived today in the school milieu is peer pressure that has a high propensity to ruining sometimes good characters. Even though statistics may not be readily available, observation shows that the rate of perversity in the school milieu seems to be on the rise. Reports of drug intake by students are widespread. Other atrocities are also on the rise.
Stories of students following their class or school mates to drug themselves are rampant. It suffices to have one or two students engaged in drug trafficking in a school environment to pull others into the dirty practice. While some follow their mates to ‘taste’ what they may have had the habit of taking, others, sometimes naively, go simply to observe the scenes quite often recounted to them by regular consumers. The end results are that even the ‘initial observers’ are coerced into the game with far-reaching consequences on their education and future. Stories are equally told of some students drugging others to attain one objective or the other. It was reported some months back how male and female students in a school in the West Region drugged themselves and staged a pornographic film shooting in an abandoned building. Cases like these abound and peer pressure is usually to blame for the state of affairs.
The wayward behaviour of the youngsters bolstered by their adolescence - a moment where most youth see almost everything doable, would have been at least limited had parenting been stepped up. Either by sheer irresponsibility or their sometimes busy work schedules, some parents seem to be leaving their parenting roles in the hands of teachers. It is quite common to hear a parent lament how difficult or impossible it is to redress a wayward child. “He is above me,” they would say. Disturbingly at a time some of the teachers cannot have full control over the children. Beating a child in school today, unlike before, is restricted. Their rights that need to be protected appear more important than their future that badly requires reshaping.

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